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Testimonials about our Instructors


Mr. Krenzischek is a very devoted and patient music instructor. Three of my children and I have been students for up to 9 1/2 years and still going. The school emphasizes developing a keen understanding of the basics of music no matter which instrument is being learned. Columbia School of Music has the most diverse student body of any school I have ever been acquainted with in Howard County. That is saying a lot as all three of my children attend Ellicott City and Columbia Schools!

Mr. Krenzischek and his staff always go the extra mile to help ensure that their students learn and understand their instrument and work hard to excel at it. I can not recommend the school enough. If you or your children truly wish to enjoy music and become proficient at an instrument then Columbia School of Music is the place for you.

Steve Kelly-Judd (Miranda, Seth and Mariel's dad)


Thank you for expanding our daughter's music education beyond just playing notes. She is growing in many ways right now. Children are like flowers. Our daughter's flower must just be opening very slowly. We appreciate your gardening skills!

Deb Schoch


Wow!!! Thanks Mr. Kurt. Now all can see what a great job the school is doing for our kids. Thanks for the six years we have been together.

Starr Mosley (Tevyur's Mom)

Note: Tevyur was accepted into concert band, marching band and jazz band. In addition to his acceptance he also gets to skip the first year Music Theory class because the adjudicators at Calvert Hall College determined that he already possesses all the required knowledge.

Congratulations ...Tevyur Mosley... on your $8,000.00 Music Scholarship (2014)

Congratulations ...Jenny Taylor... Glen Burnie High
2013 Musician of the Year Award

Congratulations ...Miranda Judd... top ten finalist in
2010, 2011, 2012
Hear My Voice Teen Idol Competition


You were by far my best teacher and I only wish that you could have moved to Grand Cayman. Think about it. Lying on the beach every day and teaching me for an hour each week. I am positive that your school is doing well; your students are blessed to have you.

George Dalsheimer

Our family has been blessed by your instruction and the Columbia School of Music. Although I realize that Caleb has wonderful talent, I know that it was through your guidance and love of what you do that has helped him to further excel. We will surely miss you and our weekly meetings. We will definitely keep in touch and please let us know when you are in Hawaii! Thanks again for everything!

Les and Rebecca Prasad
Parents of Caleb

Mr. Kurt Krenzischek has been teaching our four-year-old son Brandon piano for the past 4 months. When we first brought Brandon to Mr. Krenzischek we were not sure if Mr. Krenzischek would be able to adapt his teaching skills in a way that would reach Brandon. We were pleasantly surprised! Mr. Krenzischek was not only able to grasp Brandon's full attention, but more importantly, Brandon was having fun. Mr. Krenzischek has displayed incredible patience and at each lesson he is able to adjust his teaching to match Brandon's learning pace. While conducting a structured lesson, Mr. Krenzischek is able to make the music fun, interesting and challenging to our four-­year-old son. Mr. Krenzischek has a gentle, affable personality and has displayed how important it is to him that Brandon not only likes him, but also trusts and respects him. He has made an outstanding effort to build a strong teacher-student relationship. We believe that Mr. Krenzischek amazing ability to adapt his teaching methods to each individual student is the hallmark of his success in teaching our son. Mr. Krenzischek has made music interesting, challenging, rewarding and more importantly, fun for our son. We would highly recommend him as a music instructor to any one of any age.

Kenny and Michelle Barajas
Parents of Brandon

Note: Brandon has been with the school since November 2001. In 2003 we were also entrusted with the musical education of the younger brother, Brady. Baby Ethan is already expressing an interest at 18 months.

Brent and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your work with our son, Taylor. As you know, Taylor began his piano instruction with another teacher, and spent two years working with her. Taylor began with you in October, 2002. While he had learned the "basics" of the piano before he moved to the Columbia School of Music, his progress in the last ten months has been remarkable. He has advanced in his understanding of theory, his sight reading, and his musicality.

We appreciate your high standards and the way you communicate those to Taylor, along with a love for music and an expectation of doing his best.

Caroline Burry, Ph.D.
Parent of Taylor

Note: Taylor was prominently featured as accompanist during his school's 2004 and 2005 holiday programs. Taylor is currently in his fifth year at Columbia School of Music.

It is rare to know someone who really loves his work---and it shows. Greg and I were thrilled with the recital. We really appreciate your part in the girls' formation. Thanks for your unfailing patience and hard work.

Greg and Maura Spencer
Parents of Paige and Shane

Note: The twins were part of our program for 8.5 years (February 1996 through July 2004) They left in preparation for their senior year and college. Shane was promoted to the highest level of piano class in college and received an "A" for her efforts in fulfilling her fine arts requirement.

I am thankful for the time I studied music. I am blessed to have you as a teacher. You are kind, humorous, patient, and very knowledgeable in your field. Since I am an art teacher, I can say you are a music teacher of excellence! Roy and I thank you. We appreciate your kindness to us.

Roy & Ruth Thomas
Senior Citizen Students

Note: After two years of lessons, Roy and Ruth moved out of the area We still communicate on special occassions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Thanks for all your help and patience (especially with all my questions).
Two years down, ??? years to go?

After an illness related absence:
Take your Shaklee Stress Relief Formula...I'm coming back!

Diane Taylor
Adult Student

Note: Diane started in August 1992 and is currently enjoying her fifteenth year of lessons at Columbia School of Music.

Thank you for your very kind letter. I hope you know, that I love to receive suggestions on ways to better our publications. I respect your opinions, and know personally your teaching and student results. Thank you for your thoughts and interest. I wish we had more teachers like you, who are really dedicated to teaching.

Richard Bradley
Author, Publisher
Bradley Publications

Thanks so much for putting up with must be very stressful!

Lillian Wallett
Adult Student

Thanks for your hours of patience with me.

Dee Lockett
Adult Student

We have had a wonderful year in guitar. Thank you for all you have taught Ashlyn. You have been a very kind, considerate, encouraging, and enthusiastic teacher.

Robin Barnes
Parent of Ashley

We enjoyed the recital very much. You and your students are doing a lovely job. Thanks!

Mark & Nancy Harris

I was a divine blessing when I wandered into your school. I've felt such fulfillment and joy. I look forward to a great year.

John Weiss

Thank you for your excellent instruction for the past two years.

Virginia (Ginger) Beste
Adult Student

It's been great working with you this past year. I look forward to reaching new heights next year.

Mike Dial
Adult Student

Note: Mike has been with the school since January 2001 and is currently enrolled in his seventh year of advanced lessons.

I refuse to give up even though my schedule has made it impossible to get to class. My plans now are for me to be at class every Monday. I have blocked my schedule to stay in town.

Claire Rosse'
Adult Student


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